Discovery Park

Spring is here and so we are touring all the lovely parks Seattle has to offer. Seriously, good job on the parks, Seattle.

We went to Discovery Park on Saturday. Saturday was an awesome day, by the way. 70 degrees and not a cloud in the sky. Lovely lovely.

The boats were out and about!

Please ignore the big spots on my pictures. I guess the lens of our camera has a splotch. Probably from me trying to take pictures of food while cooking. Terrible.

See that big old mountain back there? The one under the splotch?

Nice, right?

The water was freezing! So cold. And I can take cold water.

Once, when I was a kid, my friends Kathleen, Sarah and I went ice berg hopping on Lake Michigan and fell in the (waist deep) water and had to walk all the way back to shore, amid floes of ice. That was some cold water.

Then we threw our wet and frozen clothes in the laundry and Sarah left a red sock in with the whites and turned Kathleen’s Gus Macker shirt pink. It was a traumatic day all around.

No ice bergs here!

We saw two bald eagles on our walk. Other hikers sang “My Country Tis of Thee” until the eagles couldn’t take it any longer and flew away.

A very lovely day! The weather is back to being chilly and rainy, but it was nice to have a little glimpse of sunshine.

At work today, some poor client in northern Michigan called and I talked his ear off about the weather here and there. As he lives in northern MI, I figured he could handle a little inane small talk. Apparently it was quite nice in the Upper Peninsula today.

Bring back the sun, Seattle.


3 thoughts on “Discovery Park

  1. Hi Lisa,

    Great city as I remember it BUT we didn’t see all these beautiful places. Marathon coming up soon??? Good luck.


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