Gas Works Park

Last Sunday was a beautiful day. I told you about that already.

But after the half marathon on Bainbridge, we did more activities.

I’m an active person. I get squirrelly if I have to stay put for too long.

We went to post industrial Stonehenge.

Or Gas Works Park.

These people want to know what all this junk is.

Read the plaques, yo. Personally, I hate reading plaques and so am a terrible person to go with to museums, historical sites, on walking tours and the like. I will whine and complain that we aren’t moving fast enough. Don’t get me wrong, I love museums. I just like to speed walk through them and then go to the cafeteria.

Good view.

Every time we come to this park I say, “That would be a really good sledding hill.” Unfortunately it snows in Seattle about once a year so my observation is not particularly keen. I think I will modify it to “That would be a really good sledding hill if we were in Michigan. And heck, you could probably go sledding RIGHT NOW, April 19th!”

Sorry MI.

What’s this thing do?

Don’t ask why I’m leaning like a cockamamie nut. I wanted to look short, I guess. Instead I just look crooked.

View from the top of the sledding hill.

Here I am not reading the plaque for the giant sundial.

Here’s Molly figuring out what time it is.

It’s 2:45.

Time to gaze into the distance and be happy you live in Seattle.

Or stare down the camera.

After the park we went to the Fremont market and looked at junk, then went wine tasting, then waterfall viewing and our day culminated at a casino.

I ❤ my life.


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