Bainbridge Island Half Marathon

I did two things I really enjoy today. I rode a ferry and I ran a race.

A half marathon on Bainbridge Island, which is about a 35 minute ferry ride from downtown Seattle.

We rose and shone and gave God the glory glory on the 6 am ferry to Bainbridge.

Seattle at dawn looks pretty good.

Lisa at dawn, not so much.

Because we got to the island about 2 hours before the race start, we had plenty of time to pick up my packet and then wander around a little.

We even went out for breakfast. I didn’t eat anything. I’d had toast already and am afraid of eating anything but toast before I run.

I did drink coffee for a natural boost of energy.

I really liked this blue mug.

G liked his chili egg scramble. We ate at the Streamliner Diner which is super cute. I was sad I couldn’t eat anything. But, better safe than sorry.

Wistfully wishing for waffles.

Then it was time to line up for the race!

I can’t open my eyes sometimes. Don’t tease. I really like that girl’s pink sock & running skirt outfit.

Praying I’ll make it.

And off we go!

So, this was a beautiful course. Lots of woods, lots of water, lots of fancy homes. I love all of those things.

Also lots of hills. Not so much love for those.

Like, ouch you have to be kidding me hills. Quite honestly, I wasn’t feeling my best either. I had felt sick on and off throughout the week, was kind of tired, and was also not really in the best mental state to enjoy my run. I really almost started crying on a hill at mile 7. I know, what a weenie. But it felt very daunting at the time! I didn’t feel confident, every time someone passed me my heart sank and every hill I saw made it hard to swallow.


I continued running. Even if I was barely trotting faster than the folks walking up the hills, I kept at it. I gave myself multiple pep talks. I’ll spare you the details. They consisted of sentiments like, “Don’t stop” and “Keep running” and “You can/have to do this.” Earth shattering revelations, I know. But it worked! I kept trucking along.

And before I knew it (FALSE, I was counting down every step), I was at mile 12. Mile 12 had a big ole hill and was not nearly as fun as a mile 12 could be, but when I made it to the top of the hill I was pretty sure there was no more elevation in store and I picked it up and finished.

And finished in 1:53:47.

Ta.Da. That’s 6 minutes faster than the 1/2 marathon I ran in November.

I was pleased.

I’m happy with my time, happy with my perseverance, happy to have explored Bainbridge Island.

A beautiful boat ride home awaited us.

Good clouds. Do you see the dinosaurs in the background?

I’m ready for lunch.


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