Keep on Running and Pellston, Michigan

Guess how much running I did this week?


I was sore as heck until about Wednesday. Now I feel fine. I feel just fine sitting on the couch like a bump (or is it a lump?) on a log.


I’m anxious to sign up for another race.


Remember how I said I ran an awesome (for me) time for the first half of the marathon I did last weekend?

Well…maybe it’s time to test my mettle. This half is coming up next weekend and I’m thinking about registering.

I’m mostly thinking about it because registering for races is way more fun (for my wallet) than buying plane tickets to Michigan.

Whatever, Pellston. Why you gotta be such a pricey destination?

Also – why does it take a day to get from Seattle to Michigan? It’s not like it’s international. Isn’t this why we invented airplanes? I feel like I’m going to hop in a goshdarned buggy.

I mean, it’s totally worth it. I get to see my (super, awesome) sister graduate from high school. And I get to go to a baby shower for an old friend of mine. Baby showers are pretty fun. There’s usually cake. And that means I get to buy baby clothing and baby junk which is groovy. Stuff is cutest when it’s little (true for clothing and people).

So, instead of buying $700 plane tickets, I’m thinking about buying $70 race registration. And saving the $700 splurge for tomorrow night.

My heart can’t handle it.

Remember how I told you I’d post more? I lied. I made chili this week. And that is it. Every other meal was either purchased from a restaurant or was toast and jam.

You all know what toast looks like.

Happy Friday Night!


4 thoughts on “Keep on Running and Pellston, Michigan

  1. key likes:

    baby junk

    i made chili this week

    you all know what toast looks like

    beautiful lisa. beautiful. i miss you.

  2. Why did you post that airline stuff? Is that a hint? OK, I’ll pay for your trip back home. Did you try Green Bay, WI or Marquette, MI? Might be cheaper and I’ll come get you from there. Hey, maybe you could run home?

    • Driving all the way to Green Bay is the same as driving to Detroit and defeats the purpose! I’ll look into Marquette. Traverse City is a little cheaper than Pellston so I may do that. I’ll keep you posted.

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