Let’s Not Get Crazy

I may have also signed up for this:

Marathon #2! Bring it!

But fortunately I was not foolish enough to sign up for this:

12 continuous hours of running a 1.5 mile loop, hey? No thanks.

I’m contemplating this:

I mean, ahem, it ends at a brewery. Do you know how good beer tastes after running?

The answer is VERY GOOD.


Seattle’s Best

When I get bored I shop for flights, read celebrity gossip, and sign up for races, apparently.

I’ve never run a 15k! Distances you’ve never run before are always fun, because it’s always a best time.

And a new adventure!

May is going to be a busy month! A birthday whale watching trip, a 15k, and a vacation home to see the family.

I can’t wait!

Discovery Park

Spring is here and so we are touring all the lovely parks Seattle has to offer. Seriously, good job on the parks, Seattle.

We went to Discovery Park on Saturday. Saturday was an awesome day, by the way. 70 degrees and not a cloud in the sky. Lovely lovely.

The boats were out and about!

Please ignore the big spots on my pictures. I guess the lens of our camera has a splotch. Probably from me trying to take pictures of food while cooking. Terrible.

See that big old mountain back there? The one under the splotch?

Nice, right?

The water was freezing! So cold. And I can take cold water.

Once, when I was a kid, my friends Kathleen, Sarah and I went ice berg hopping on Lake Michigan and fell in the (waist deep) water and had to walk all the way back to shore, amid floes of ice. That was some cold water.

Then we threw our wet and frozen clothes in the laundry and Sarah left a red sock in with the whites and turned Kathleen’s Gus Macker shirt pink. It was a traumatic day all around.

No ice bergs here!

We saw two bald eagles on our walk. Other hikers sang “My Country Tis of Thee” until the eagles couldn’t take it any longer and flew away.

A very lovely day! The weather is back to being chilly and rainy, but it was nice to have a little glimpse of sunshine.

At work today, some poor client in northern Michigan called and I talked his ear off about the weather here and there. As he lives in northern MI, I figured he could handle a little inane small talk. Apparently it was quite nice in the Upper Peninsula today.

Bring back the sun, Seattle.

Someone’s Lunch

I didn’t make this delicious looking ‘dilla.

I don’t make lunch any more, you see. I eat granola bars and ginger ale from the grocery store across from work.

G made this beautiful lunchtime creation, took a sunny picture of it, and sent it to me in an email. I’m blogging on his behalf.

Yum. Sweet potato, black bean, spinach, cheesy yum.

Just thought I’d share someone else’s lunch.  I’m drinking a ginger ale, by the by. By the bye? What?

Happy Friday.

Gas Works Park

Last Sunday was a beautiful day. I told you about that already.

But after the half marathon on Bainbridge, we did more activities.

I’m an active person. I get squirrelly if I have to stay put for too long.

We went to post industrial Stonehenge.

Or Gas Works Park.

These people want to know what all this junk is.

Read the plaques, yo. Personally, I hate reading plaques and so am a terrible person to go with to museums, historical sites, on walking tours and the like. I will whine and complain that we aren’t moving fast enough. Don’t get me wrong, I love museums. I just like to speed walk through them and then go to the cafeteria.

Good view.

Every time we come to this park I say, “That would be a really good sledding hill.” Unfortunately it snows in Seattle about once a year so my observation is not particularly keen. I think I will modify it to “That would be a really good sledding hill if we were in Michigan. And heck, you could probably go sledding RIGHT NOW, April 19th!”

Sorry MI.

What’s this thing do?

Don’t ask why I’m leaning like a cockamamie nut. I wanted to look short, I guess. Instead I just look crooked.

View from the top of the sledding hill.

Here I am not reading the plaque for the giant sundial.

Here’s Molly figuring out what time it is.

It’s 2:45.

Time to gaze into the distance and be happy you live in Seattle.

Or stare down the camera.

After the park we went to the Fremont market and looked at junk, then went wine tasting, then waterfall viewing and our day culminated at a casino.

I ❤ my life.

Bainbridge Island Half Marathon

I did two things I really enjoy today. I rode a ferry and I ran a race.

A half marathon on Bainbridge Island, which is about a 35 minute ferry ride from downtown Seattle.

We rose and shone and gave God the glory glory on the 6 am ferry to Bainbridge.

Seattle at dawn looks pretty good.

Lisa at dawn, not so much.

Because we got to the island about 2 hours before the race start, we had plenty of time to pick up my packet and then wander around a little.

We even went out for breakfast. I didn’t eat anything. I’d had toast already and am afraid of eating anything but toast before I run.

I did drink coffee for a natural boost of energy.

I really liked this blue mug.

G liked his chili egg scramble. We ate at the Streamliner Diner which is super cute. I was sad I couldn’t eat anything. But, better safe than sorry.

Wistfully wishing for waffles.

Then it was time to line up for the race!

I can’t open my eyes sometimes. Don’t tease. I really like that girl’s pink sock & running skirt outfit.

Praying I’ll make it.

And off we go!

So, this was a beautiful course. Lots of woods, lots of water, lots of fancy homes. I love all of those things.

Also lots of hills. Not so much love for those.

Like, ouch you have to be kidding me hills. Quite honestly, I wasn’t feeling my best either. I had felt sick on and off throughout the week, was kind of tired, and was also not really in the best mental state to enjoy my run. I really almost started crying on a hill at mile 7. I know, what a weenie. But it felt very daunting at the time! I didn’t feel confident, every time someone passed me my heart sank and every hill I saw made it hard to swallow.


I continued running. Even if I was barely trotting faster than the folks walking up the hills, I kept at it. I gave myself multiple pep talks. I’ll spare you the details. They consisted of sentiments like, “Don’t stop” and “Keep running” and “You can/have to do this.” Earth shattering revelations, I know. But it worked! I kept trucking along.

And before I knew it (FALSE, I was counting down every step), I was at mile 12. Mile 12 had a big ole hill and was not nearly as fun as a mile 12 could be, but when I made it to the top of the hill I was pretty sure there was no more elevation in store and I picked it up and finished.

And finished in 1:53:47.

Ta.Da. That’s 6 minutes faster than the 1/2 marathon I ran in November.

I was pleased.

I’m happy with my time, happy with my perseverance, happy to have explored Bainbridge Island.

A beautiful boat ride home awaited us.

Good clouds. Do you see the dinosaurs in the background?

I’m ready for lunch.