Egg McSpinach

You heard me.

I secretly love MickieD’s. I mean, I guess not that secretly. But the only things I really love there are the french fries and the apple pies. And the ice cream sundaes. They have really good ice cream sundaes!

And hashbrowns. Those hashbrown disks are pretty special.

You guys, who am I? Last week I was telling you all about eating an entire bag of jelly beans and now I’m raving about Mc-to-the-Donalds. What happened to all the kale and spinach and oatmeal and lentils of days gone by?

Never fear. I can shove spinach into just about every recipe.

Doesn’t that sound appetizing?

So, I made egg mc sandwiches. Fry up an egg. Toast up an English muffin. Melt some pepper jack cheese on your hot English muffin. Top with tomato slices that taste like nothing (cannot wait for summer!) and the ever present SPINACH.


Please note: this is absolutely nothing like an Egg McMuffin. There’s an egg. There’s a muffin. But the overall vibe is very different.

My egg was runny. This is something I generally disapprove of, and though I do think I’ll cook my eggs longer next time, the runniness was actually pretty palatable.

A very quick and easy meal! Almost as easy as the drive through…



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