My Sister, the Champion

This kid is a champ.

This is my sister, Grace. Her team just won the Girls’ Basketball Class C State Championship.


Grace is a high school senior. It was thrilling to see her, and her team, do such a wonderful job and take home the win!

My family is from a very small town, and, as I’ve said before, basketball is a really big deal there. So just about the whole darn town drove down to Lansing, 4 hours away, to watch the game.

My grandmother flew from Florida to Michigan to see the game!

I looked at tickets from Seattle, but it was just prohibitively expensive. I wish I had a private jet.

Anyway, we listened to the game online, and man, was it nerve-wracking! But all of the girls did a great job. And they won.


This picture is from the semi-final game on Thursday. My sister is totally ripped -look at those arms!

Such a champ.

So very proud! Congratulations to Grace, all of the girls on the team, and the whole darn town of St. Ignace, Michigan.


4 thoughts on “My Sister, the Champion

  1. Just heard from the champ, well her mother. She’s in the Dominican Republic and right now she is playing basketball with 3 girls from Traverse City St. Francsis against the Hotel staff. Go Grace!

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