Egg McSpinach

You heard me.

I secretly love MickieD’s. I mean, I guess not that secretly. But the only things I really love there are the french fries and the apple pies. And the ice cream sundaes. They have really good ice cream sundaes!

And hashbrowns. Those hashbrown disks are pretty special.

You guys, who am I? Last week I was telling you all about eating an entire bag of jelly beans and now I’m raving about Mc-to-the-Donalds. What happened to all the kale and spinach and oatmeal and lentils of days gone by?

Never fear. I can shove spinach into just about every recipe.

Doesn’t that sound appetizing?

So, I made egg mc sandwiches. Fry up an egg. Toast up an English muffin. Melt some pepper jack cheese on your hot English muffin. Top with tomato slices that taste like nothing (cannot wait for summer!) and the ever present SPINACH.


Please note: this is absolutely nothing like an Egg McMuffin. There’s an egg. There’s a muffin. But the overall vibe is very different.

My egg was runny. This is something I generally disapprove of, and though I do think I’ll cook my eggs longer next time, the runniness was actually pretty palatable.

A very quick and easy meal! Almost as easy as the drive through…





I’m running my first marathon in 4 days.

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t freaking out a little bit.

Jelly Bean Season

So, if you know me or you’ve read more than 2 posts in this little bloglette, you know I am all about the health food. It’s all kale and lentils and spinach smoothies and beans of every variety. It’s all vegetarian running fuel. Even the pizzas I make are covered with vegetables.

I do love me some good vegetables. I will eat an entire bunch of kale all by myself.


Let me show you what I had for dinner last night:

I know! Yum!

G is out of town, and when left to my own devices, I cannot be bothered to prepare real food for myself and I frequently eat candy and wine for dinner.

And oh man, this is my favorite candy.

Please note that I bought the “big bag” and that I couldn’t even wait to take a picture of this before I cut into the package and shoved some jelly beans in my face.

I have to have these old school jelly beans too – the kind you might find in a nursing home around Easter. None of these new fangled Starburst jelly beans or, heaven forbid, Jelly Belly beans. Ick. No way. I  want my jelly beans to taste like straight up sugar. Not interested in fancy flavors, thanks.

My favorite beans go like this: red (duh, red is the best color of every candy), orange, yellow, pink, purple, green, white, black.

I investigated more about my favorite beans at the Brach’s website, and came across some inspiring advice.

Keep that in mind, you guys. Every day is a good day to eat tons of candy.

Doing Life in Seattle

You guys, it’s been forever since I’ve posted. Bad bad blogger.

I’ve got a boatload of excuses: being too busy with my new job, being too busy wrapping up marathon training (one week away -omg), being too busy battling a cold. But, as we all know, excuses don’t really cut the mustard. I love to sit down and write a post, I love to take pictures of whatever food I’m making, I love to bore y’all with the details of my long runs and bike rides. And lately, I haven’t taken the time to keep this little blog going. I haven’t taken the time to do something I love!

So I resolve to write more! Write! Right?

I met a famous person today.

Ben, from Ben Does Life. Totally cool, right? He was in Seattle and organized an unofficial 5k.

I woke up, hemmed and hawed about going (I am afraid to go to social gatherings alone, you see), finally talked myself into it, took the bus, met all the other runners (all of whom were awesome and totally nice), acted shy and weird but made an attempt to be friendly and then ran 3.1 miles with about 30 other folks who are into Doing Life.

Here’s a bit about what Do Life is about, from Ben’s blog:

“If you want to do something with your life, if you really want to do it, just do it. I promise that you can. You just have to do it. And when you do, you’ll be happier for it.”

Pretty nifty.

Something to take into consideration when I flip out about meeting new people, running long distances, or making enough time to write silly stories about the food I cook and the miles I run.

Happy Saturday. I’m going to Target.

My Sister, the Champion

This kid is a champ.

This is my sister, Grace. Her team just won the Girls’ Basketball Class C State Championship.


Grace is a high school senior. It was thrilling to see her, and her team, do such a wonderful job and take home the win!

My family is from a very small town, and, as I’ve said before, basketball is a really big deal there. So just about the whole darn town drove down to Lansing, 4 hours away, to watch the game.

My grandmother flew from Florida to Michigan to see the game!

I looked at tickets from Seattle, but it was just prohibitively expensive. I wish I had a private jet.

Anyway, we listened to the game online, and man, was it nerve-wracking! But all of the girls did a great job. And they won.


This picture is from the semi-final game on Thursday. My sister is totally ripped -look at those arms!

Such a champ.

So very proud! Congratulations to Grace, all of the girls on the team, and the whole darn town of St. Ignace, Michigan.

Purple Power Drink

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, everyone!

I have nothing green to show you.


I have a purple thing to show you instead. A healthy purple smoothie.

I know. La-ame. Gone are the days when I skip school to go to the bar. Now I get up at 5 to go running and make sure I eat about 17x more fruits and vegetables than normal.

Which I suppose is better than drinking 17x more beer than normal.

I’m not actually sure. You be the judge.

Purple power drink!

For 2 smoothies.

  • 1 cup vanilla soymilk
  • 1/2 cup acai berry blend juice
  • 1 banana
  • 3/4 cup frozen strawberries
  • 1/2 cup plain yogurt

Blend. Do it. Get your anti-oxidants.

I hear they counteract the effects of green beer.


Cabbage Apple Slaw

Slaw maybe not be the most appetizing word.

But you know you love a good picnic coleslaw.

Last week, I made a tangy cold weather version (and wrote about it for Real Time Farms!)

So, now that I leave the house for work, I need meals that are easy to bring for lunches. This means something I can make a lot of and is easy to pack and store in the fridge at work.

Slaw is popular at picnics for this very reason!

What I used:

  • 1/2 a head of red cabbage
  • 1 apple
  • 2-3 tablespoon of champagne vinegar
  • 1 tablespoon sesame seeds
  • 1/3 chopped pecans
  • 1/2 cup plain yogurt
  • pinch of sugar
  • salt

Choppity chopped up the cabbage and apples and then just mixed all the sauce ingredients together. As usual, this is just a guideline, rather than a hard a fast recipe. Some raisins would be lovely in here…

Tangy and tasty. The cabbage turns the yogurt a bright lovely purple.

I’m not a big fan of creamy coleslaws, instead preferring a more vinegary flavor. This was perfect for me, and packed up very nicely in my lunch pail.