Weekend Wine Tasting

We went to taste wine this weekend at Columbia Winery.

I’m happy to confirm that wine tastes great!

We also had pizza with apples and bleu cheese on it. I told all the boys that apples and cheese are a common combo and that apple pie is often served with a big chunk of cheddar cheese on the side. They were skeptical, I think, both of whether or not I was telling the truth and if I was, if pie + cheese is a good idea. And now that I think about it, I’ve never actually been served apple pie with cheddar cheese but I’m quite sure I’ve read about it happening and that’s how I structure my reality.


Boys eating flatbread, drinking wine, and falling off their chairs?!

Blurry wine bottles!

I told you the wine was good.


5 thoughts on “Weekend Wine Tasting

  1. I remember my dad would eat apple pie with cheese on it at home. Never looked right to me so I never tried it. I prefer ice cream on my apple pie. The pizza does look good!

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