A Hiking, Biking, Helmet-Wearing Good Time

Saturday was hiking, Sunday was biking!

Sunday was another sunny day in Seattle, so we decided to make the most of it by going for a bike ride!

This picture is not from yesterday. It’s from our summer trip across the country. I just wanted to show you our bikes (and G’s groovy plaid shorts), not fool you into thinking you can wear said shorts in Seattle in February. The weather is nice, but not that nice.

Aren’t our bikes cute?

My bike is a Schwinn Suburban. It’s hefty.

We are very fortunate (for many reasons, but this is biking specific) to live close to lots of trails -only a little riding on the streets!

We rode all along Lake Union, stopping to take in the view at Gas Works Park. So many sailboats were out on the lake yesterday. It was beautiful.

I want a boat.


We also cruised through the University District and Interlaken Park. All in all, we covered about 12 miles.

Delightful. I definitely resolve to bike more!

Safety first.

I ❤ the helmet.

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