Saturday Hiking

Another beautiful day in the Northwest!

Sorry to brag.

It was cold! And SUNNY. So we went for a hike.

I must confess, I’m always going on and on about how I want to do daytrips, day hikes, weekend fun and I never plan a darn thing and then I whine when the weekend passes and all I did was go for a 15 mile run. For the record, 15 mile runs do not count as weekend fun.

I didn’t really plan this excursion either, but I got up early and made food for breakfast, lunch and snacks. I facilitated the planning of this excursion -with chocolate chip pancakes.

I know my strengths.

Intrepid hikers, fueled by pancakes.

We drove about a 1/2 hour east of Seattle and hiked 3 miles at the Twin Falls trail. The trail led us by a crystal clear river, piles of green moss, big trees, and eventually to some lovely waterfalls.


Can you see the face?

Can you see … the face? Just kidding.

Rushing river.

The trail overlooks two waterfalls (um, hence the name, Twin Falls), the stairsteps of the upper falls and the big cascade of the lower falls.

Awfully darn pretty.

I guess we’re pretty cute too.

A wonderful day trip. So nice to get some outdoor exercise that isn’t running (everything in moderation, you know), spend some time in the sun, and most importantly, see beautiful sights with friends.

Happy Saturday!


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