Groovy Dudes and Doughnuts

Lazy lazy blogger lately!

It’s ’cause the most cooking I’ve done has been to heat a can of beans and then roll it up in a tortilla (the beans, not the can). And make green smoothies. Tasty, but nothing new.

And, it was kind of a busy week! We had house guests Tuesday night.

Some of G’s friends are in a band called Lord Huron. They played in Seattle on Tuesday night! We went to see their show.

They’re groovy.

And then after their show they came over to our house and we played Catch Phrase late late late into the night. I became a pumpkin.

Next morning, we all ate doughnuts and wandered around the neighborhood. Fun times!

In other news, last Sunday I ran a new longest distance: 24 miles!

I was quite proud. Though it may have been a bit too much, as this week running has been a little tough for me. I’ve done yoga and plyometrics instead of doing as many long distances – trying to break it up a little and not get too burned out on the running.

So, a brief (and a bit boring) recap of the week.

I’m going to bake something tomorrow. I am. I can feel it.

Happy Saturday.


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