Marathon Sign Up

I’m staring at my computer, thinking about signing up for my first marathon.

I have definitely resolved to run one this year, but now that I’m sitting down to actually sign up, I’m a little (a lot) nervous.

I’m considering the Yakima River Canyon Marathon. It’s in April.

April is not that far away.


This race looks beautiful. And it apparently has a small number of participants, which might be helpful for a nervous first time marathoner.

I think, logically, I can do it. My training is on course to be able to handle the mileage. I have an 18 mile run planned for Saturday. What holds me back from just signing up right this instant are the doubts and fears in my brain, everything from the very obvious “I can’t possibly run that far” to the especially fretful “Where will we stay? What if the hotel is icky?”


A first marathon is a big challenge, and big challenges are always scary. That’s why we do it, I guess. To prove to ourselves we can overcome something tough and daunting. To banish the doubts and fears in our head, at least for awhile, and just focus on trying, doing, being.

Time to go sign up.


8 thoughts on “Marathon Sign Up

  1. I love your blog and will try the kale and black bean salad….AND I am so proud of you for considering a marathon. You can do it! Keep keeping on!

    I remember your track days in St. Ignace……running, talking to a chum and never breathless when finished……amazing.

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