A New Distance

I went for a 15 mile run yesterday.

Well, a 14.85 mile run. It was supposed to be 15.2 miles but I got a little woozy during the last mile and cut it short.

I was a little disappointed I didn’t make it quite to 15 miles, but mostly I was really excited and proud because this is the farthest distance I have ever run.

I’m training for a marathon, and though I haven’t settled on a formalized training schedule or a marathon to do this spring, I’m increasing my mileage and trying to increase my speed. I will run a marathon! There’s one in Eastern Washington in April that I’m thinking of signing up for…

Anyway, my run yesterday was gorgeous. I ran along Lake Washington, then through the Arboretum, and then through another beautiful park with giant trees hung with bright green moss. Running is such a good way to explore where I live.

And, when I got back from my long run, G bought me Gatorade and made food while I flopped on the floor and stretched.

A wonderful Saturday. I’m sure Sunday will bring something equally lovely, though definitely not so many miles.


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