I’m procrastinating going for a run right now. It’s a gray day and the wind is rushing around the eaves and I can see the pine trees next door rocking back and forth.

I did yoga and am drinking a cup of tea instead.

Sometimes it is really worth it to just stay inside and be silent and reflect. I have a tendency of feeling guilty when I’m not doing, moving, working in some identifiable way. But as a wise friend pointed out to me yesterday, rest is productive: it gives you the ability to tackle tasks with energy, it heals your tired body, and allows your brain the time to figure out important stuff.

I was feeling especially guilty this week, as I have had a vacation over the holidays, and shouldn’t I have gotten all my resting done then? But being with family is its own kind of activity, and just because I’m not logging great workouts or making food or working on work doesn’t mean I’m doing nothing. Hopefully I’m engaged in whatever I’m doing, so each day and event is meaningful and active. And that means I should allow myself rest.

So serious!

This photo is from the December lunar eclipse (sort of), which I didn’t stay up for. It has very little to do with any of the musings above, but seemed restful, I guess because it’s dark.

Go drink some tea.

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