Watch Out!

So far, a big part of the fun of getting into running has been increasing my distances. It’s really rewarding to map routes and see that I’ve gone from 2 mile runs to 12 mile runs.

But now it’s time to pay attention to speed – or the lack of speed, as the case may be.

Someday, when I have a little more money in the bank account, I want one of these fancy heart rate, GPS, distance tracking machines. But for now, I’m pretty happy with this impromptu Christmas present.

That’s right! A hot pink watch!

G got himself a baby blue one.

I used my hot pink stopwatch on my run today, and was so excited to figure out my pace as I mapped my route online once I got home (I use Not the swiftest pace, 9:21/mile for a 6.6 miler, but it’s exciting to be able to reliably calculate it. Now I can work toward speeding up! I’d ideally like to get closer to 8:30/mile, but only time and training will do that.

Super simple, super inexpensive, super satisfactory. This will do me just fine!

Wish me luck on my high speed (ha) adventures.


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