Welcome to 2011

Hi 2011! I’m excited to be here!

2010 was a good year, most remarkable maybe  for our move across the country.

I’m going to do the best I can to make 2011 a good year too -focusing on being confident, making new friends in Seattle, and keeping in touch with the wonderful friends I have scattered across the country.

I also want to run a marathon this year.

I’m not so hot in the resolution department. The goal is just to be happy and love lots.

And run long distances.

I can handle that.

Ok, enough resolving.

Well, maybe one more. I resolve to remember to take pictures of memorable events. Say, New Year’s Eve.

Yeah, I didn’t take any pictures.

G and I were in Ann Arbor, and we went to our friends’ lovely home for games, beer blind tasting, and countdowns. It was a lovely time. You’ll just have to trust me.

Staying in Ann Arbor was fun. We stayed at the Burnt Toast Inn. My first time staying at a bed and breakfast, and it was great. Being shy, I wasn’t sure I’d like a B&B, but it was really fun and we enjoyed our time there a lot. It was kind of funny to have to stay someplace after living in Ann Arbor for so many years!

New Year’s Day we had brunch with friends at Cafe Zola. Delicious and lively as always.

Plus some midday champagne.

I really love champagne.

G and I had a wonderful time visiting our friends! Thanks to all who made time to see us.


2 thoughts on “Welcome to 2011

  1. Were those pictures of the b&b? The kitchen is amazing! Also, super-jealous of your meal at Cafe Zola, but happy that you had such a joyful new year ❤

  2. Sounds like a great Ann Arbor visit, wish we were in town! We stayed at the Washington House (Burnt Toast’s second location) for a few weeks after we moved back from Japan – Sarah’s a stitch isn’t she?! 🙂

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