Family Pizza Night

Yesterday was the last day at my parents’ house! It was really fun to visit them for such a nice long time and I was sad to leave this morning. We’re staying with G’s family for a few days now before spending New Years in Ann Arbor and then going back to Seattle.

For our last dinner at my parents’ house, we made pizza!

Making pizza with family and friends is one of my favorite things to do. And, my Dad worked at a pizza place a million years ago (when he was in college) so he can throw the dough and spin it just right. I made the dough, using this recipe, doubled, and we chopped up peppers, onions, tomatoes, and spinach for toppings.

We had some dough tossing tutorials.

G got the hang of it in no time. Total pizza pro.

Pretty excited about his new skill.

I was not as adept at dough handling. I put some holes in the crust. Fortunately my more professional pizza making family helped fix my problems.

Our first pizza had a thin crust and was delicious.

Our second pizza was thicker and cheesier. And also delicious.

The third pizza had pepperoni on it and was the exclusive property of my sister and her friends.

Delicious and fun family time.

After dinner I won Trivial Pursuit. Yes!


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