Merry Christmas

Merry merry to you and yours!

We woke up late to a lovely, snowy Christmas morning.

Our stockings were much too heavy to hang over the fireplace. They were quite laden with candy and Red Bull cans.

And so many presents! What a lucky little family we are.

Cell phone wrapping paper – a sign of what’s inside?

Yep – a cell phone (with some advice) for Grace!

She was pretty happy.

She also got a backpack – gotta get the kid ready for college next year.

Even Louie the dog got some Christmas presents.

And I was lucky enough to get some great yoga and running clothes. Nice workout clothes really help motivate me to workout. 🙂

After present opening we had some tasty cinnamon rolls.

Dad hands. I come by my prematurely aged hands honest.

Such a merry morning. And now my Mom is roasting a giant hunk of meat and a bunch of vegetables for me.

I might have opened the champagne.

I hope you are all having a wonderful Christmas. Hug your families. Eat some candy. Drink some champagne.


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