Running Through The Hometown

It’s a pretty quiet day around my parents’ house today.

So I decided to go for a run.

I felt pretty good today, partially because I’ve taken a break from running this week. Monday and Tuesday I did P90X Plyometrics, and I took yesterday off to Christmas shop. Which is kind of like exercise in it’s own way.

SO, my run turned into a long one! 12.31 miles!

It was a really great run. Part of the time I was running on deserted country roads, looking at Lake Michigan. And then I ran through downtown.

I borrowed my sister’s windproof North Face jacket and stayed toasty warm.

Maybe not toasty. But not frozen.

When I came home I ate a mountain of brussels sprouts and a black bean burger. Very satisfactory.

And now Caroline is headed over with a bottle of wine in her purse. Love.


3 thoughts on “Running Through The Hometown

  1. You know, I still have another bottle in my purse! Had a very lovely time.
    We need to have another play date before heading south. And then West.

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