Last Minute Shopping

We went last minute Christmas shopping in Petoskey today.

Petoskey’s the place to go if you live in the Eastern UP and need something that doesn’t come from Walmart.

They have a cute bookstore and a fancy food store. Those are the kinds of gifts I get people.

In addition to doing some last minute shopping, I stopped by my friend Kate’s house! She and I worked together when I was in high school and I haven’t see her since! She’s spent the last few years living in Uganda, and she has a darling family. Her sons are WAY too cute.

After visiting Kate, we visited the Red Cross. My Dad works at a hospital, and the ladies that work at the Red Cross deserve some appreciation. So we brought them some candy!

It’s important to appreciate those who do great things for our communities!

Human blood platelets!

After the human blood platelets, we went shopping downtown.

We went to a health food store.

You can get a lot of surprising things at Toad Hall.

I’m glad I got all my holiday shopping done!

There’s some good stuff just waiting to be wrapped!

Happy Holidays.


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