Kale, My True Love

We went grocery shopping this weekend.

I stocked up on kale. It’s not to be found in my parents’ small town, so I took advantage of being in the “big city” and bought 5 bunches of kale.

My parents think I’m crazy.

But I need my leafy greens, man! I love eating kale so much. It tastes great, fills me up, and is full of vitamins and nutrients I need.

I think I’ve said before that I believe I can sense when my body needs a certain vitamin or nutrient based on cravings. Our bodies are smart – if we pay attention to what they want, healthy food choices will surely follow.

I wanted leafy greens.

For lunch, I chopped up 1/2 a bunch of green kale.

I cooked a black bean burger in a skillet and then dumped in all my kale.

The edges got crispy.

A super simple meal of a bit of protein covered with tons of green, but it is what sounded good to me. Nothing but a wee bit of olive oil, salt and pepper on my kale. Yum.

Everyone talks about how to eat healthy over the holidays, and it’s definitely a challenge. It is so easy to just feel inundated with sugar. That’s my biggest problem – sweets and candy. A little candy is fine, but I don’t like the way too much makes me feel. Same with wine. Definitely delicious, but too much leaves me feeling crummy.

So I just balance it out with a heaping pile of vegetables.

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