Health Food and Fruitcake

My family received a tasty treat by post the other day.


Made by my Grandma, who is the best cook.

I love fruitcake. I know not everyone does. But I love the dense, sweet, rich flavor of the dried fruits and crunchy nuts.

Thanks Grandma! 🙂

My Grandma is also really into health foods and alternative medicine, which I think is AWESOME. She focuses on eating raw foods, has acupuncture treatments, and generally just approaches health in a holistic way. I love it. I think we can all get really wrapped up in fixing problems once they occur, with medicine or other treatments and forget about giving our bodies good things to help prevent problems. Don’t get me wrong, I believe medicine has its place in our health, but I am increasingly interested in how healthy food, exercise, supplements and naturopathic medicine can impact our overall well-being. And my grandmother is a super inspiration! I should mention she’s a very healthy lady!

And she makes healthy food taste amazing.

That helps.

So in addition to fruitcake (which is probably not very healthy, but there’s nothing wrong with a treat in moderation), she sent us some of her special homemade granola – “Granny’s Granola.”

Sooooo good! Chewy nuts and seeds, all dehydrated together with agave. Sweet and delicious.

She’s a pro, that Grandma.



4 thoughts on “Health Food and Fruitcake

  1. Thanks, darling… are an awesome young lady and so into healthy eating, I’m very proud of you. I have been treating myself to no-no’s and will be back on the straight and narrow soon.

    Have a glorious Christmas

  2. Hey, we got some Grandma fruitcake too and it was delicious! Especially with Bourbon butter slathered on it. The granola’s pretty fantastic too!

  3. Now we’ve got three fruitcakes sitting in the bread box. The 2 that arrived in the mail recently, and one from last year. I pulled out last years cake, it’s been in the bread box since last Christmas. I sliced off a piece and also a couple slices of the new arrival. Now fruitcake is a little scary to eat no matter what but last years was real scary. Anyway it looked OK and tasted great – for fruit cake that is, even better than the new stuff. I guess if you soak anything in bourbon it will taste good. Thanks Mom.

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