A Cold Stroll

Another day, another wintry sky.

I took the dog for a walk along my parents’ mostly deserted dirt road. We saw a lonely boat riding high on the icy water.

And we saw the beautiful bridge connecting Michigan’s lovely peninsulae.

It was a wonderful, though COLD, walk. I’ve been running outside too, in these frigid temperatures, and while I feel tough for doing it, man is it chilly! When running, my body is usually warm enough, but my feet and my ears and face freeze. Any tips for keeping warm while running outside? Don’t say “don’t do it.” I wear a head band and hat, so that’s probably as good as that’s going to get, but what can I do for my poor cold toes? They go numb!

After outside adventures, I did some work and then took pictures of our Christmas tree.

So cute, that sister.


2 thoughts on “A Cold Stroll

  1. When my Dad lived in Minneapolis and had the same problem in the winter, he was advised to cover any exposed skin (ie his whole face) in Vaseline. Seriously. I’m just not that hardcore!

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