Hometown Basketball

So, I’m from a small town. There’s not a whole lot to do around here, especially in the winter.

You can go to the grocery store.

You can go bowling.

You can walk in the woods if you can stand the cold.

You can go to the bar if you can stand seeing everyone and anyone who might have known you when you were a kid, or knows your parents. This also happens at the grocery store, but at least no one’s been drinking at the grocery. I don’t think. Actually, never mind.

Or, you can go to a high school basketball game!

That’s what I did Friday night. The game was away, about a 30 minute (SNOWY) drive.

As you can see, it was a riveting experience for all ages!

High school basketball is a BIG deal in our small town. Our girls’ team is really great – last year they went to state finals!

My sister is on the team. She’s good. And tough! If I played on an opposing team and saw her running at me, I would just hand her the ball and walk away.

Our team is the black uniform.

These girls can jump high and run fast!

This was not the most exciting game: our girls won by a lot. But it’s still fun to watch these athletes do their best. And it’s fun to see the community come out and support the team. Kids, grandpas, and folks with no highschoolers of their own come to see our basketball teams play. It’s really sweet.

And you get to see anyone and everyone you’ve ever met!

The varsity girls’ game was followed by the varsity boys’ game!

This was a closer game.

You can see the boys’ coach standing in the background of the above picture. I went to elementary school with him.

Told you you see everyone and anyone you’ve ever met at these events.

There was some flying through the air and hitting the ground.

There was a lot of yelling from the fan sections.


Our boys’ team lost, but they really picked up their game in the second half.

Good job, Saints!

A pretty darn fun evening.

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