Ouch! A Fall in the Dark

So, Seattle is far to the north. Thank heavens is doesn’t get that cold. But it does get dark. At 4:30 pm.


So, that means I go running in the dark. I don’t have a headlamp. I’m thinking of getting one. Christmas list?

Now, I’m not a terrifically coordinated person. No one ever asks me to demonstrate dance steps, is what I mean. People sometimes ask me to smash plates, because I’m good at that.

Just kidding. No one ever asks me to smash plates. I wish they would. I have a real talent for demolishing dishware.

Anyway, I demolished my knee on my otherwise great run tonight. I ran 6.5 miles in the dark. Fast! It was a great workout. And the minute I turned onto the street where I live, I tripped. People stopped and stared. They didn’t bother me.

Just kidding, no one was around.


Flattened out on the cold wet sidewalk!

Ouch! I yelled. And then I picked myself up and walked the 50 yards to my apartment building. Thank heavens I was so close to home.

I mean, this wasn’t a major injury. It was skinned palms, elbow, and knee.

But when you fall while running, you go down hard! It really jolts the heck out of you.

And my darn right knee hurts.

So I wrapped a dish towel around some ice and tied that around my leg.


Not nice, but thank goodness I didn’t sustain any more serious injuries!

Be careful in the dark, y’all. Turn on those headlamps.


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