Picasso at SAM

Had a lovely time visiting the Picasso exhibition at the Seattle Art Museum yesterday!

Image from here.

The exhibition is only in town for a few more weeks, so it was the perfect time to see it! And the first Thursday of every month offers a reduced rate for special exhibits and other galleries are free! Even better.

The Picasso was really busy, but that made it even more exciting. Had to angle in for the best views, you know. And the audio guide was really informative. I learned a lot about Picasso’s ever evolving style and how the various women in his life corresponded with changes in his art. Very interesting!

Before Picasso, we ate at the Bookstore Bar. Really cute and cozy, and who doesn’t love a bar with a bookstore theme? Two true loves.

We even dressed sharp.

G wore a nice jacket and scarf (and “lifestyle” shoes).

I wore high heels!

High heels make me very tall. These particular ones are quite comfortable though, due to that big fat heel.

All in all, a lovely night out on the town!

Image from here.


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