Everybody Loves a Quesadilla

You know you love quesadillas. They’re so easy to make! So versatile! So cheesy!

Easy, cheesy.

Spinach, cheese, and bean quesadillas, coming right up!

First, I grated part of the giant block of cheddar that is leftover from when G’s family was here. They don’t eat as much cheese as anticipated.

Then I washed some spinach. They also don’t eat as much spinach as anticipated.

I really love spinach. It sounded SO good today! I must have needed something green.

Just an eensy bit of olive oil.

Heat it up and shrink that spinach!

Shrink, shrank, shrunk.

Then I hauled out my tortilla, flopped it on our nonstick pan and covered it with cheese, black beans, and my shrunken spinach. I put cheese on the bottom and the top of the other ingredients to act like glue. Then I flopped my other tortilla on top and squished them together.

Once the cheese melted and glued the tortillas together, I flipped the dilla to brown the other side. The whole darn thing took about 5 minutes or less. The beauty of a quesadilla.

Good lunch! And healthy too. Except for all that cheese.


3 thoughts on “Everybody Loves a Quesadilla

  1. Yummmm!

    I usually make mine with the spinach being either not shrunk or just less shrunk and SALSA! A quesadilla almost isn’t a quesadilla without salsa. Though, I am from the south where salsa (or hot sauce) goes on everything like northerners use ketchup.

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