Seattle Half Marathon!

Ok, you guys. Thanksgiving happened. I fed my in-laws. I didn’t take any pictures of it, but believe me, it was good. Especially the sweet potato goop.

I’m sorry I didn’t take pictures. There was too much going on. I’m sure if I’d tried, I would have dropped my camera in a vat of boiling green beans.

I’ll tell you more about Thanksgiving later. I may have cried over a broken pie crust.

But right now, I have more exciting things to tell you …

I ran the Seattle Half-Marathon this morning! And it was GREAT!

The morning started very early. After waking up at 5 am, G and I took his brother to the airport then hurried back to Seattle so I could get in place for the race, which started at 7:30 am.

I was really nervous! I’ve run races before, but not for a long time, never such a large one, and never by myself! Also, the last time I ran a half-marathon was 10 years ago. I did it with some high school friends and we didn’t take our time seriously at all. So, in a lot of ways, this was like my first big race!

Once the race started though, I just fell into it. I started out fast, but when you’re running with so many people, it’s hard to keep a steady pace – you’ve got to dodge folks and find your place in the crowd. In the long run (ha) I think running fast at the beginning was really beneficial. I know my pace slowed on hills later in the race and I think my quick start gave me a good amount of flexible time to still achieve a time I’m really proud of.

The course was great, and there were wonderful people cheering along most of it. Cheers really make a difference! It definitely helped me get up some hills! It was fun to run on the expressway (though I didn’t love running through a tunnel!), and the run along Lake Washington was beautiful. The weather was great too – cool and damp, but not freezing and rainy. Cool weather is my preference for running!

The body continues to amaze me – I had some Gatorade at the 2nd water station and could immediately feel the little rush of energy it gave me. I mostly avoid sports drinks, but I guess this is why they exist!

I definitely had some slow points, points where I felt like I wouldn’t make it up the hill, or whatever, but running is such a mental thing – if I tell myself I can do it, then I can. You know, within reason.

That’s why I love running. Such a sense of accomplishment.

And speaking of accomplishment…

My race time was 2:00:03! I was so excited to make it right on the 2 hour mark. I had been figuring I’d finish somewhere around 2:15. It felt great to finish strong and with a good time. I’m looking forward to running more races.

I got a space blanket! And a medal!

And here’s a very special glimpse into the recovery zone at the end of the race. Clearly I need to do some recovering – such a space cadet! That’s why they gave me the space blanket, I guess. But the after-run feeling is great: loopy, elated, and starving!

So many runners!

After we left the marathon, I ate a giant bowl of stir fried vegetables and tofu and then slept for an hour.


I ❤ running.


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