The Happiest Place on Earth

Disneyland in the rain!!!

That’s right! It’s rained exactly 2 times during my 3 week stay in sunny Los Angeles. And one of those days was Saturday, when Jeffrey and I planned to visit Disney.

But we were undaunted by a little rain. We needed to have FUN! And fun we had, despite some really soggy feet.

Hey Walt! Hey Mickey! Where are your ponchos?

Oh, man there were SO MANY ponchoed families. Really great. Really cute. Having fun despite the weather. I think. Maybe they were miserable. But they shouldn’t have been. Rain at Disney means lines are SHORT!

It didn’t rain the whole time, either. It was gray and a little soggy, with spells of showers. But mostly it was just fine. My hair was not fine. It doesn’t cooperate very well with rain.

There’s a family having fun!

Lunch! Just kidding. I didn’t eat a corn dog. I did eat about 5 lunches, including corn on the cob, breakfast potatoes, half a churro, and pizza.

It’s important to attain the height of fashion while at Disney. This is at a Bug’s Life show. I think I should get some glasses like this.

It was all Christmas-ified. Just lovely. Poinsettias smell like nothing.

My new home.

D for Disney!

Make it pink!

Make it blue! Such a good one.

Night fell, and it got extra Christmas-y. We’re all lined up to see the parade!

The castle looks really good at night. Pink princess.

More princesses.

Even more princesses.

It’s A Small World’s Christmas lights were super intense. Jeffrey claims he’s still seeing bright flashes of color a day later. Do you think I can convince my parents to decorate their house like that for Christmas?

Disney made it snow. The Californians were impressed. Those of us who are headed to Michigan in 2 weeks were less so.

Ice castle.

It really is quite magical.

We had SUCH a fun time! I haven’t been to Disney in about 15 years, and man alive, was it time for another trip! I was a little worried the rides would be boring, or the cheesiness of the whole thing would get to me, but it truly combines in a fun, funny way that leaves you worn right out but happy at the end of the day.


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