The Most Boring Dinner Ever

And now I’d like to present:

The Most Boring Dinner Ever.

It’s really boring. Don’t make this at home, unless you are Queen Blandine of Bland-Land.

I’m totally Queen Blandine. My crown is made of rice noodles. My throne is bedecked with boiled vegetables. My flag flies beige and brown, the colors of the mighty potato.

Honestly, the other day I was wearing a beige and brown striped shirt and Jeff told me I looked like a potato.

It’s tough being a tater.

Anyway, the Most Boring Dinner Ever came about for health purposes. I believe that I am very attuned to what my body wants to eat, and today it told me it wanted to eat cruciferous vegetables and protein. Lots of times it tells me it wants to eat candy and wine, so I was relieved that today it was making some sense.

In all honesty, I think this is true: our bodies know what we need. With all the working out, it was high time I had a big chunk of protein. I wanted tofu. So I cooked it.

But first, I pressed it.

I’m not really sure why you are supposed to press tofu, but that’s what I see the cool cats doing on their blogs so I followed suit. I don’t actually eat very much tofu (hence the protein craving) and am not very adept at cooking it. Another reason you should not consider this post a recipe.

While my tofu was pressing, I washed and chopped my broccoli and cauliflower.

I always peel the stalk of my broccoli and chop it into little medallions. Unless I’m cooking for others and they’ll worry about the weird green disks in their stir-fry; then I keep it to florets. But when it’s just me, and clearly I’m the only person who is going to eat this, why waste good broccoli?

Chop chop chop. Whole cauliflower looks like a brain.

My tofu looks exactly the same as before the press. Maybe I’m doing it wrong.

Whatever, it’ll get the job done!

So, I sauteed my vegetables in a teensy bit of olive oil, added a little salt and lots of cracked pepper and then put the lid on to steam them for just a few minutes. I wanted them still crunchy and full of vitamins.

Then I added my tofu and sauteed that too.

Then I dumped it in a bowl, poured myself a glass of wine, and sat down to my super healthy meal.

Just what I wanted. Nothing special, but certainly nutrient rich. Listen to your bodies people! They’ll tell you what you need. But listen hard, and with a wary ear, because sometimes they tell you they need ice cream and gummy bears. And another glass of wine.

Thank you for reading about my boring meal.


Queen Blandine


6 thoughts on “The Most Boring Dinner Ever

  1. My body keeps thinking it needs doughnuts for breakfast!

    That dinner looks delicious to me. Miss you, Queen Blandine. (you are SO not a potato.)

    • Miss you! And doughnuts are a totally acceptable option. I make it a point to always live near a doughnut shop. Keeps me healthy and sane.

      And thank you for saying I’m not a potato. It sneaks up on me sometimes!

  2. Guess what? I know why you press your tofu! It gets rid of all the water so that you can get it nice and golden brown when you cook it 🙂

    In case you were wondering ❤

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