P90X – Yes, Really.

My new love.

Image from here.


I know. Why is someone who spends most of her time posting about various types of bread writing about her new love P90X? I mean, really.


Well, I’m really doing it, and sorry there are no before and after shots in this post. I’m not buff. I’m not even using P90X properly. But I love it.

Let me tell how I love it.

It’s a delightful supplement to all the gosh darn running I’ve been doing. I mean, I love running, a lot, but it is solitary and it is repetitive day after day (which might be part of why I love it). I haven’t stopped running, but I have added P90X-ing to my workouts.

I like that I can do the workouts in my living room. I do everything in my living room. I never leave my living room, unless I’m going to my bedroom. I’m a homebody.

I love that I can do P90X with a friend. More fun, more competitive, more camaraderie. I don’t like to admit that I’m competitive. But I am. And working out side by side with someone else (in this case, my LA friend), keeps me working hard.

My legs feel stronger already.

I yell at the screen a lot. Whenever Tony (the workout leader) says anything like “Are you ready?” I yell “YES!” embarrassingly loud. Told you it is a good thing I can do this in the privacy of my own home.

Oh heavens.

Plyometrics is especially good. I did Kenpo for the first time today, and flailed around punching like a ninny. But ’twas a good workout.

And that’s what counts.

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