Sunshine, Exercise and Everything That’s Wonderful

Spending time outside is important.

Makes you feel alive!

Exercise is also important, for the same reason. Today I went for a walk in the morning and then did P90X Plyometrics, which is intense and wonderful and leaves me a big lump of worked out, sweaty mess. But in a good way.

Totally in a good way.

After P90X-ing, we went for a hike at Runyon Canyon!

It was a good day for a hike – warm but not too warm, cool in the shade. Our hike was uphill for lots of it, continuing the intense leg workout!

Stairs to nowhere. Or landscaping of the house above us.

Intrepid explorers. Oh my, LA stretches forever!

After hiking we had Thai food for the second time in two days, which was perfect. A big pile of veggies and tofu!

Now I’m tired from all the exertions, in that really satisfactory “I worked hard” kind of way. Tired but satisfied. Full of sun and good food.

Just what I needed.


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