I have a little something to tell you about my tootsies.

And it’s not that my toenails often go unpainted all winter long, that I’m terrified of catching communicable diseases at professional pedicures, or that I prefer black or super dark brown or super dark navy as my nail polish. Or, that due to my years of working in the orthopedic shoe industry, I’m terrified and fascinated by bunions. Bunions like onions.

It’s that my feet get chilly and I love my slippers.

These slippers:

These woolly, fuzzy, felty, old slippers. Please ignore the pilling.

These lovelies are boiled wool, made by Haflinger. They are about 5 years old. They are pink and purple. I got them at Mast Shoes, my place of employment for many a fine year and also the happiest place on earth. I’m serious. If you’re ever in Ann Arbor, Michigan, go there.

Anyway, LA is freezing at night. It’s hot then it’s cold. So I have to wear my slippers. And that makes me happy.

Where the devil are my slippers?


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