Palm Trees and Birds

There’s a little bit of the “what am I doing here?” feeling today.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the sun, blue skies and warm weather. But it’s November. And I’m from Michigan. I’m not equipped to deal with nice weather in November.

That’s a palm tree. And a bird, apparently, though that was entirely unintentional. It was really bright out so when I took this so I couldn’t really see what I was doing. Happy coincidence, that bird.

Anyway, palm tree, what am I doing? Where am I going? Where do I belong?

So confusing. But I guess I’m here in palm tree land for awhile, and I’d best enjoy it.

There are dinosaur plants here.

And beautiful bougainvillea.

Good clouds.

Cute houses.

And another bird!

My mother’s favorite flower. She has a bunch of fake ones that she’s had in various vases around our house in northern Michigan for 20 years. Because nothing says cabin in the woods like bird of paradise flowers.

Maybe that’s where I belong. A cabin in the woods.

Thinking of retreating.


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