Cool Salad, Hot Day

This is not a recipe. There is zero wisdom imparted in this post.

This is just lunch.

So, I told you I am in LA. LA is HOT right now. Really hot. Like 90 degrees hot.

Like a fool, I went running at noon. In the HEAT. It was HOT. I’m going to say HOT about five more times just to make the point of how hot hot hot hot it is here. Hotter than Hades.

Actually, I don’t think Greek mythology describes Hades as being a particularly hot place. Ignore me, my brain has been addled by the heat.

I kind of love this weather though. So sunshiney!

But when it’s hot like this, you’ve got to keep your cool. Start by drinking a mint julep. Then make a giant green salad.

Pre-packaged greens including arugula and spinach. Half of a sliced Granny Smith apple. A bunch of chopped cilantro. The juice of half a small lemon. A little drizzle of olive oil.

A giant glass of water.

Lunch for a hot day.

Or any day when you’re feeling the need for something green.

Eat your veggies.

I guess there is a little wisdom here today after all.


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