Yesterday I left Seattle for an extended stay in Los Angeles. 3 weeks!

I was excited to go and sad to leave, if you know what I mean. I bet you do. That’s the way it goes with travelling.

But I got to go to the airport. And I love the airport. I don’t really like the whole flying in airplanes thing. But I like everything else about the airport. Even the security. Especially the people watching. And the anonymity. And the fact that we’re all there to set out on some voyage – we’ve all got our reasons to travel, some good, some sad, some boring. We’re all embarking on something. I just like it.

Why are you going to LA, mister jean legs over there? What about you, blue baseball cap?

I didn’t really ask. People don’t like it when you call them “jean legs.”

I flew Virgin American for the first time because they have cheapy cheap cheap flights from Seattle to LA. And, I was pleased and amused to discover, a plane party vibe all their own.

It’s like a club in here! Woohoo! Look at that mood lighting! Listen to that funky music! It’s as much like a club as a plane at 9 am can be, I suppose.

I didn’t really “woohoo,” aloud, don’t worry.

I did take pictures out the window though. The guy next to me looked at me like I’ve never been on a plane before.

I kind of want to go wherever this plane next to us is going.

See ya, Seattle! Or whatever that area below us is.

It was a beautiful clear day.

Washington’s a pretty state.

So pretty!

See you in a few weeks, WA.

Hi, CA!

It’s really hot here today.


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