Acorn Squash

This cannot be properly called a recipe.

It is also not new, noteworthy, or creative. It is delicious.

If you want to see something creative happening with squash, look here.

This is just what happened at my house yesterday.

I bought two itty bitty adorable acorn squash at the farmers market.

Then I went shopping and bought baby clothes for friends who have babies and that was really fun. Baby outfits are awesome. I found a onesie with a picture of David Bowie on it.

Then I came home and made dinner.

First things first. I chopped my squash in half. You really got a whack it like you want it when you’re chopping raw squash. I’ve heard reports that you can bake them whole and that saves the whole whacking with a knife process. But this is how my Dad has made acorn squash forever, and quite honestly, I kind of like being a knife wielding maniac in the kitchen.

These little squash-lets were so CUTE!

I scooped their guts out, using a spoon. You have to try to get all the stringy junk.

Time to haul out the butter. No, I didn’t use this whole stick.

I did use a lot though.

This butter is going to melt and seep into the squash and make everything taste wonderful. When’s the last time you heard the word “seep” used to describe something good happening?

I plunked my be-buttered squash in a pan, and covered the pan with foil. Then I plunked my pan in a pre-heated 425 degree oven.

My squash baked for about 35 minutes. They were little squashies though. I’ve baked bigger ones for nearly an hour. You just have to poke em with a fork as you go, to see if they’re soft.

And when they’re nice and squishy -oooh!

Holy melted butter! Sorry this photo is dark -night fell while my squash were cooking. But you can see how nice and brown and melty everything is.

Because these were so cute and tiny I just plunked them on individual plates (which I didn’t take a picture of), rather than scoop out all the squashy goodness and serve separately. I made my dinner companion scoop his own darn squash! He didn’t mind. I provided a tiny bowl of brown sugar to sprinkle over the top.

We ate our squash with broiled brussels sprouts and mustard greens salad.

Eat a squash today!



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