Open the refrigerator, look inside, close the refrigerator

That was my big line in a high school play.

It’s also the reality of my life.

For some reason, our house is often bereft of food.

The soymilk has the obligatory half swallow G or I leave for the other after using almost all the milk on our own cereal.

Yes that’s a take out packet of soy sauce, what of it?

Oh, you want to know what’s in the paper bags? Well. I’m not sure what’s on the top shelf. The bag on the second shelf holds 1, count it, 1 mushroom. Sad mushroom.

Sad fridge.

Sad orange. The only produce we have. Just kidding. We have a bag of brussels sprouts! I love brussels sprouts. Not everyone in this house does.

What’s that you say? I must have some good frozen Trader Joe’s meals in the freezer, right?

Wrong. All I have in my freezer is … ice. Ice is not food. Ok, I have one frozen flatbread. And a dish towel. Don’t ask.

Hmmm, well maybe I have some canned soup? Canned soup certainly helps out in a pinch doesn’t it? Thank goodness it never goes bad, right? You can always have it on hand!



Um. Wrong again. I have canned corn. And mushy crackers. And tea. And yes, that’s a bottle of tequila. I have oatmeal. But we have already eaten oatmeal for one meal today. You can only take so much oatmeal.

Well. That’s quite pathetic, isn’t it?

What would YOU cook with what I’ve shown you? What’s that? You say you’d just go to the grocery like a grown up?


Well, you’ll have to excuse me. I’m going to go make a canned corn, brussel sprout, tequila flavored flatbread wrap.

No, I’m not. We went out for lunch.

That’s the perk of having nothing in your pantry.


I made a craft!

A jam jar terrarium!

I ALSO made a mean face when taking pictures of it. Sorry. I’m actually excited about it. I saw examples of how to do this on designsponge like a year ago. But I guess moss, an empty jam jar and a “found” plant never all converged in my life until now.

Anyway, I made this beauty a few days ago and it’s looking pretty healthy. I just snatched a little moss and one of these little plants from the sidewalk near my house. I hope it lives! My plants never do that well, though I try to be an attentive plant parent.

I’m really not as stern as I look. Promise.


Here’s some food I’ve made lately. HEALTHY! And  good.

Have I told you how important quinoa is around this house? We ate a 4 lb bag of it in 2 months. Yikes. It’s good stuff, filled with protein.

I made this quinoa, black bean and corn dish several times over the past few weeks. It’s good warm or cold.

The recipe calls for cooking the quinoa in black bean soup, then mixing in salsa, canned beans and corn, and jalapenos. Be careful with the jalapenos. Don’t touch your face as you chop them. I speak from experience. Ouch.

I also made pizza! And salad.

Pizza looks a bit scary right? But it’s just kale. Kale is all over the farmers markets right now. Also, chanterelle mushrooms foraged from the surrounding area. I didn’t do the foraging. But I’m glad somebody did. First time I’ve had chanterelles. Pretty orange things. The cheese on the pizza, a bit like a mozzarella, locally made, is called New Moon cheese. How Twilight-y!

The salad is spinach, radish, tomato, and lemon cucumbers. Lemon cucumbers look like lemons. They don’t taste like lemons. All tossed in a tasty citrus vinaigrette. All from the farmers market of course, except the citrus for the dressing.

Radishes are pretty:

See those cute little lemon cucumbers hiding in the corner?

That’s what’s cooking in this house!

Cat Sat

Or rather, cat sitting.

That’s what I’m doing right now. Cat sitting. G’s brother is out of town for the week. He has a cat. Cat must be sat.

G’s brother lives next door to us. I think this is funny. Neither brother seems to find it that amusing. It’s just what their family does, I guess. They have uncles in Ohio who live across the street from each other. Weird. But my family moved to a remote peninsula, with few neighbors of any kind, so what do I know?

Anyway. Cat. The cat’s name is Lucy. She’s a teensy bit neurotic. She’s currently shaved. Yes, shaved. She was having hair issues. Had to be lopped off. She seems much happier.

She looks like a lion! She’s currently pawing at my computer screen. I think she recognizes her picture!

Maybe not.

Cat sitting is kind of fun. It’s cute when she sits next to me and purrs. It’s cute when she does this:

Her litter box is not cute. Nor is her cat food. It confirms that I am not fit for a pet of my own. Sometimes I like to pretend that I really want a cute little stripey cat named Radish. But in reality, no. Plus, G is allergic.

Meow Mix.


Lace up your running shoes, baby!

I love running.

It’s like a switch has been flipped in my brain. I look forward to going running.

What? Why? Who are you?

I mean, I’ve been a “runner” off and on for a long time. I ran cross country and track in high school, have gotten into (and out of) it periodically since then, but running has always felt like something I SHOULD do. I SHOULD run to be healthy. I SHOULD run to stay thin. I SHOULD run to stay sane. But I have never really WANTED to run. It has always just been a matter of making myself do it. And inevitably, that’s why I stop doing it -nobody likes to be forced into things, even if you’re the one forcing yourself. Right?

Too right.

So what the heck happened?

Upon moving to Seattle, G and I decided we wanted to do the Seattle half-marathon, which happens around Thanksgiving. I have no idea why we decided this. I think it probably had something to do with, “turning over a new leaf, new city, new habits, get healthy, we spent a month this summer sitting in the car and eating at restaurants, etc etc.” So, anyway, we decided to train for a half marathon. I was put in charge of setting up the training schedule. I didn’t do a very good job of it, instead favoring, “eh, let’s see if we can run 2 miles.” And, at the beginning, I was still in that SHOULD do it phase.

But we kept running, kept making ourselves do it. An end goal is helpful, I guess. Then poor G hurt his back, so he’s been unable to run.

And I started running like crazy.

I mean, don’t get any funny ideas. Not THAT crazy. I’m not very fast, that’s for sure. But I did run 7 miles the other day. It was great. I literally experienced that phony sounding “runner’s high” people claim to get. It involved me sitting on the floor giggling while I stretched after the run. And then tipping over. In a fun way. Ok, an exhausted but fun way.

And the next day, to prove that the running love was not an isolated incident, I was so excited for work to be done because I got to go running again! And it was a good run! Except for the third mile, which was entirely uphill. But whatever, that’s only bad while you’re doing it, the minute things flatten out all’s right with the world again.

I think it all comes down to using up excess energy, feeling like I’m accomplishing something, getting out of my head, working my body. It’s a good feeling. It’s like meditation or something. It’s good to feel worn out, but exhilarated.

Sometimes I have to write down directions and then fold them up tiny and stuff them in my shorts pocket. Hey! It’s a new city!

Good stuff. I’m planning an 8 miler for Saturday.

Weekend Activities: Brownies, Salad, Dahlias & Tugboats

I cooked a lot this weekend.

I also went running, thought about hanging pictures on the walls of our apartment and didn’t, visited a farmers market, and agonized over emails. I know. I also helped out G, who hurt his back running on Friday. I’m a big help. Especially when I spaz out and shake his chair around when I get excited about something. I do that frequently. Run over and grab the back of his computer chair and yell, “Look at my Facebook status update” and swivel him around. I can’t help myself! Just kidding. I’m not really a big help. But I made him brownies!

Brownies look better by daylight. But these were GOOD. I got the recipe from Joy the Baker. She knows EVERYTHING you ever need to know about baking. G’s back felt miraculously cured after eating 1 (or 3) of these. Ok, no it didn’t. But I think he liked them.

I also made salad. Life can’t be all brownies, all the time.

Very healthy! Spinach and radicchio and radishes courtesy of my treks to the farmers markets of Seattle. Mango and avocado courtesy of driving to the grocery store (again! I know, so lazy). Recipe courtesy of Real Age. I took the Real Age test. My Real Age is 26. Thank goodness. My real real age is also 26. I was worried I was in for another Wii Fit experience when they told me I was essentially 48.

And I made Indian food! Told you I cooked a lot this weekend!

Indian food requires lots of onions and lots of spices. This was my best attempt at cholle, which has chickpeas in it. I used canned tomatoes and pureed the tomato/onion mixture before adding the chickpeas. Much saucier!

I think this was pre-puree. Sometimes when I cook my hands get covered in gunk and I don’t want to touch my camera. So I tend to document ingredients, and sometimes finished products, but not the process. I took a lot of radicchio glamour shots before making the salad.

It’s pretty stuff. RADicchio! Ha!

On Sunday we went to the Ballard Farmers Market. I took lots of pictures. You can see them here. The people were friendly. The flowers were pretty. Nice day! Nice weekend!

After the fruit and veggie extravaganza at the farmers market we went to a bar and drank beers and played Battleship. I LOST. My little tugboat held out for a long time though.

I’d like to think of myself as a tough tugboat sometimes. Pulling others through trying times with brownies and cholle and flowers. Ok, the flowers were all for me. But the food and desserts are for sharing!