Neat Stuff, But No Pumpkin

Confession: I haven’t carved a pumpkin yet.

And I might not. We don’t have a porch, you see, and we don’t have trick or treaters, and I don’t have a costume and I don’t really even like Halloween all that much and I don’t have adequate pumpkin carving tools.


Well, we’ll see.

I’ve done some other neat things this weekend.

I went with G and his brother to the Seattle satellite of the Rally to Restore Sanity. It was cold and rainy, but an interesting event to attend. There were a lot of people of all ages. It combined local comedy and commentary with showing the live DC rally on a big screen.

There was a cute patriotic baby.

And balloons with a message.

You can see what the highlights were for me: babies and balloons.

But honestly, it was funny and thoughtful and thought-provoking by turns.

After the rally, we did a little shopping and then went home so I could warm up. I was chilled to the bone! Teeth chattering, wet feet, not fun.

And later that evening we went to see a Sufjan Stevens concert.

It was REALLY good! The Paramount is a beautiful theater, first of all. And the concert was wonderful -a real show. His music is really affecting -nearly brought me to tears at some points.

A fun weekend so far. Today should be a little more low-key. Grocery shopping, laundry, and house-cleaning.

And MAYBE carving a pumpkin.




One thought on “Neat Stuff, But No Pumpkin

  1. No shame in focusing on babies and balloons at a political rally. Babies must be kissed and balloons must be dropped (but be careful not to switch those up).

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