Who doesn’t love them?

Oh. You say lots of people think they’re gross? Think they stink?

Well! I never! Brussels sprouts are wonderful! Delicious! Nutritious! Grow in a bizzarro way! Once I bought a brussel sprout stalk and plunked it in a fancy fake crystal vase and called it a floral arrangement. Then I forgot to change the water in the vase. Then brussels sprouts gave off an odor. But that was my fault.

Image from here.

Okay! Are you ready to hear about cooking this delicious vegetable? Yes, you are. I swear it’s good.

First, wash the little darlings. Peel off any crummy looking outer leaves.

Then, chop them in half.

Little mini cabbages! What!? You said you don’t like cabbage either? I don’t think we can be friends.

Do you like gummi bears?

Ok, thank goodness. Friends again.

Back to Brussels: Once your sprouts are chopped, toss them in olive oil. Lots of it. Then salt and pepper the heck out of them.

Turn on your oven’s broiler. Or your toaster oven, if you roll that way. I own a toaster, and an oven, and therefore see NO NEED for some enormous appliance called a TOASTER OVEN. But to each his own.

Put your salt and peppered sprouts on a baking sheet. I put mine cut side up.

Put them under the broiler for 10 minutes.

Try to take a picture through your oven door. Think about how happy you are to have an oven with a light that works and no weird gunk stuck to the bottom of it.

When your 10 minute timer beeps, wait another minute.

Then take out your sprouts!

Now you have slightly crunchy, salt and peppery, earthy and delicious brussels sprouts!

Eat them! You’ll love them! G asked for seconds! But there weren’t any because I had eaten them all.


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