Here’s some food I’ve made lately. HEALTHY! And  good.

Have I told you how important quinoa is around this house? We ate a 4 lb bag of it in 2 months. Yikes. It’s good stuff, filled with protein.

I made this quinoa, black bean and corn dish several times over the past few weeks. It’s good warm or cold.

The recipe calls for cooking the quinoa in black bean soup, then mixing in salsa, canned beans and corn, and jalapenos. Be careful with the jalapenos. Don’t touch your face as you chop them. I speak from experience. Ouch.

I also made pizza! And salad.

Pizza looks a bit scary right? But it’s just kale. Kale is all over the farmers markets right now. Also, chanterelle mushrooms foraged from the surrounding area. I didn’t do the foraging. But I’m glad somebody did. First time I’ve had chanterelles. Pretty orange things. The cheese on the pizza, a bit like a mozzarella, locally made, is called New Moon cheese. How Twilight-y!

The salad is spinach, radish, tomato, and lemon cucumbers. Lemon cucumbers look like lemons. They don’t taste like lemons. All tossed in a tasty citrus vinaigrette. All from the farmers market of course, except the citrus for the dressing.

Radishes are pretty:

See those cute little lemon cucumbers hiding in the corner?

That’s what’s cooking in this house!


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