Cat Sat

Or rather, cat sitting.

That’s what I’m doing right now. Cat sitting. G’s brother is out of town for the week. He has a cat. Cat must be sat.

G’s brother lives next door to us. I think this is funny. Neither brother seems to find it that amusing. It’s just what their family does, I guess. They have uncles in Ohio who live across the street from each other. Weird. But my family moved to a remote peninsula, with few neighbors of any kind, so what do I know?

Anyway. Cat. The cat’s name is Lucy. She’s a teensy bit neurotic. She’s currently shaved. Yes, shaved. She was having hair issues. Had to be lopped off. She seems much happier.

She looks like a lion! She’s currently pawing at my computer screen. I think she recognizes her picture!

Maybe not.

Cat sitting is kind of fun. It’s cute when she sits next to me and purrs. It’s cute when she does this:

Her litter box is not cute. Nor is her cat food. It confirms that I am not fit for a pet of my own. Sometimes I like to pretend that I really want a cute little stripey cat named Radish. But in reality, no. Plus, G is allergic.

Meow Mix.



2 thoughts on “Cat Sat

  1. that’s a pretty cute cat, although she definitely looks like she has a neurotic streak. also, is she sticking out her tongue in the first picture, because that’s funny.

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