Weekend Activities: Brownies, Salad, Dahlias & Tugboats

I cooked a lot this weekend.

I also went running, thought about hanging pictures on the walls of our apartment and didn’t, visited a farmers market, and agonized over emails. I know. I also helped out G, who hurt his back running on Friday. I’m a big help. Especially when I spaz out and shake his chair around when I get excited about something. I do that frequently. Run over and grab the back of his computer chair and yell, “Look at my Facebook status update” and swivel him around. I can’t help myself! Just kidding. I’m not really a big help. But I made him brownies!

Brownies look better by daylight. But these were GOOD. I got the recipe from Joy the Baker. She knows EVERYTHING you ever need to know about baking. G’s back felt miraculously cured after eating 1 (or 3) of these. Ok, no it didn’t. But I think he liked them.

I also made salad. Life can’t be all brownies, all the time.

Very healthy! Spinach and radicchio and radishes courtesy of my treks to the farmers markets of Seattle. Mango and avocado courtesy of driving to the grocery store (again! I know, so lazy). Recipe courtesy of Real Age. I took the Real Age test. My Real Age is 26. Thank goodness. My real real age is also 26. I was worried I was in for another Wii Fit experience when they told me I was essentially 48.

And I made Indian food! Told you I cooked a lot this weekend!

Indian food requires lots of onions and lots of spices. This was my best attempt at cholle, which has chickpeas in it. I used canned tomatoes and pureed the tomato/onion mixture before adding the chickpeas. Much saucier!

I think this was pre-puree. Sometimes when I cook my hands get covered in gunk and I don’t want to touch my camera. So I tend to document ingredients, and sometimes finished products, but not the process. I took a lot of radicchio glamour shots before making the salad.

It’s pretty stuff. RADicchio! Ha!

On Sunday we went to the Ballard Farmers Market. I took lots of pictures. You can see them here. The people were friendly. The flowers were pretty. Nice day! Nice weekend!

After the fruit and veggie extravaganza at the farmers market we went to a bar and drank beers and played Battleship. I LOST. My little tugboat held out for a long time though.

I’d like to think of myself as a tough tugboat sometimes. Pulling others through trying times with brownies and cholle and flowers. Ok, the flowers were all for me. But the food and desserts are for sharing!


One thought on “Weekend Activities: Brownies, Salad, Dahlias & Tugboats

  1. the tugboat. i love it. fitting that you’re in seattle too. have the urge to say “tug these” so i will.
    pretty pretty pictures! making me hungry now that it’s nearing lunch. was motivated and freakishly prepared to make a big meal yesterday, but went to the olive garden with erin and deb and john instead. ha. i am going to conquer a few new recipes this week though. baked plantain chips, wild rice with butternut squash and walnuts, and some sort of one-pot chicken thing. good grief. will probably save the meat dishes for matthew’s stay starting this saturday. had to purchase steaks for a recipe and stared at the meat man in total confusion for what felt like years. haha.
    ok. enough rambling here. will write you more in a stitch. miss and love.

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