Lessons from a Pineapple.

Today I:

woke up late

ate a doughnut

threw a fit

messed up cooking rice (of all pitiful things!)

cut my thumb

cleaned the toilet and the sink

did dishes that desperately needed to be done (doing dishes is nearly as satisfying as chopping onions)

did self assigned homework

did not go running

wore my apron

took unsatisfactory pictures of potatoes

read blogs

wore a flannel shirt

It was not the best day in the world. Neither was it terrible. I think, nay, I KNOW I need to take myself a little less seriously.

Here is a picture of me not taking myself too seriously:

This is an old picture. That’s my sister. And a surgical mask. I’m holding a pineapple. There’s an Absolut vodka bottle hanging from the light fixture. And dead daisies on the table. And a bag of chocolates. See that sign in the left corner, with the yellow and black hazard stripes? It says, WARNING OVERDUE BOOKS LATE FINES MAY APPLY. I look sleepy. My hair looks TERRIBLE. This is the day I graduated from the University of Michigan.

It’s a good reminder that there is NO POINT in taking yourself seriously when pictures like this exist to remind you that you and your immediate family are total goofballs.


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