Indian Onion Pancakes

We got this month’s Vegetarian Times in the mail the other day.

Do you know what Vegetarian Times is? It’s a cooking magazine, with recipes and helpful articles, for vegetarians. (We’re vegetarians. But fun ones, I promise.) I really love that it is called Vegetarian Times. Keeping up with the Times. Gotta know the cutting edge vegetarian recipes of today. It’s a funny title.

You can see our forwarding address sticker there. Told you we just moved. Also, I will not be making Cute and Kid-Friendly Halloween Menu. Ever. All kids are supposed to eat on Halloween is candy, and maybe cupcakes with those terrible sugary pumpkin candies on top. And this VT recipe had things like olives and red peppers decorated to look like ghosts for the kid meal. No. I will one day make my future children homemade costumes, sure. I will paint their faces with great detail. I will NOT let them wear masks because masks allow for no peripheral vision and make it dangerous to cross the street. I will tell them poor renditions of “High Beams” and other ghost stories and scare myself. But I will not try to feed them vegetables on Halloween.

Anyway, this month’s Vegetarian Times had a bunch of Indian recipes. G likes Indian food. His mother makes good Indian food, because she has years of practice, because she is Indian. His girlfriend (that’s me) does NOT make good Indian food, because I am not Indian and I grew up eating chicken ‘n biscuits and toast and pasties and other beige food. His mother has tried to teach me some things. I’ve learned a bit. So much depends on the spices, beside the the chopped cilantro. Ok, ok.


So, now I’m going to make bread. G calls this type of bread something that sounds like “piranhas.”  Vegetarian Times called it Onion Stuffed Indian Flatbread. I kept calling them onion pancakes. Indian Onion Pancakes, no man eating fish involved.

Remember yesterday when I alluded to being nervous about messing up my kitchen? This recipe messed up my kitchen A LOT.

It involved making very sticky dough, flouring everything in sight to keep said dough from sticking, rolling dough out, stuffing with onions, and frying.

Look at all that flour! P.S. I used a pint glass as a rolling pin, because I didn’t move my rolling pin to Seattle with me. Pint glass works just fine!

In addition, I made Indian Bean Dip. That’s what I called it anyway. Vegetarian Times had a better name. Here’s what that looked like:


Kitchen was covered in flour. And then covered in chopped cilantro. But the final onion pancakes were pretty good -just like the “piranhas” G’s mother makes. They should probably be rolled a little thinner than I did this time around, but cooking’s for learning. And the Indian Bean Dip, which we tried pureed and not, was better not pureed. Better bean-y.

Yum! So turmeric-y! And I love cilantro. I know some people don’t. But it tastes SO GOOD with Indian food especially!

Dough-y, onion-y, fried bread. Can’t go too astray!

Thanks Vegetarian Times! Thanks G’s mom! Thanks, free Friday afternoon! Messing up my kitchen is actually really satisfying. As is cleaning it after the fact.


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