Don’t mess with success!

Especially when it comes to baking.

Now, I like to cook quite a bit. I like to read recipes, I like to try recipes, I like to experiment with and modify recipes.  And lots of times my modifications are good. I have good ideas in my brain. Sometimes they are translated to the food I make.


There is always a however. Baking is a however. Baking does not allow for many modifications. I mean, I’m sure if you are a pro baker you can just eyeball how much Clabber Girl you add, but I am not a pro baker. I am kind of scared of baking. I toe the measurement line. I once (with help) made the absolute worst Christmas sugar cookies you have ever eaten. Or not eaten, as was the case. They were inedible. They were fit only for use in hockey practice. As pucks.

Pie is scary, bread is scary, cake is kind of scary and all are very messy. Messy messy messy.

That is CAREFULLY measured flour, baking soda, and cinnamon!

Cookies are not that scary. But I still measure cautiously, scraping off the flour in my measuring cup with a butter knife, just like my mother does. She’s a good baker, which I find surprising because she’s not a particularly precise person. But she’s efficient. And not afraid to mess up her kitchen. And also not afraid to just chuck a pan of burned whatevers in the trash. She just goes for it. 40+ years of just going for it will make you a good baker, entertainer, and storyteller.

So, cookies! Last night I made oatmeal raisin cookies. And they were really good. I use the recipe from the lid of the Quaker box. It works every time. I have been making these cookies since high school. It is the only thing I feel 100% confident baking. Thanks Quaker! A boost of confidence is never a bad thing.

This thing gives me confidence too. It helps enormously. With everything.

And I even made a modification! I had some walnuts leftover from my parsley/walnut pesto (another successful experiment!) so I added those to the cookies for some crunch. And to make them healthier. Yep! Healthier!

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