Sometimes you just have to drive

To the grocery store that is.

Our new neighborhood is great, and our grocery store is very nearby, and I get most of our produce at our farmers markets, so I usually just walk, clutching  my canvas tote. And I inevitably buy too much stuff, and stagger home (thank goodness we live down a hill) feeling like my shoulder is going to snap off.

But yesterday… yesterday we had no food. None. We had 1 egg. 1/2 a head of lettuce. Chamomile tea. Flour. Crumbles of month old Sun Chips. Poor G asked pitifully what was for lunch. He knew the answer. 1/2 a nectarine. That is no way to live, just because I’m too lazy to walk to the grocery store.

SO. I drove the 5 short blocks to the grocery store. It took me longer to park than it would have to walk.


Now we have peanut butter! And cans of beans! And olive oil! And spaghetti sauce! And Sociables, the best crackers ever! And jars of spices! It was a VERY good decision to drive. My shoulder doesn’t have permanent imprints from my tote bag!

I think I’ll go have a late lunch. It is good to have options.

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