Happy Birthday

Last Friday was G’s birthday! Cake! And boats!

Yes, boats! We went on a 2 hour cruise on a sailboat out in Puget Sound. Very exciting!

It was a sunset cruise, and the best part was you could bring your own food and drinks! A sailboat picnic. So we made tomato, mozzarella, pesto sandwiches and brought fancy cheese and beer.

It was a really nice day here too, very clear, which made the trip even better. Good views. Of course it was freezing out on the water and of course I underestimated how freezing I get, but the boat crew passed out blankets to us.

Happy Birthday.

Oh, and the cake? The cake turned out pretty well. Red velvet cake, made with beets. Beets for red. I have never cooked a darn thing with beets before in my life. I like beets, but have only had the ones from the can. Have always wondered what the heck you’re supposed to do with fresh beets. Like rutabagas. What the heck do you do with rutabagas beside put them in a pasty?

Anyway. Beets.


Hmm. Looking a little better…

Cake batter. Looking better!

Final product. Not so very red red velvet. And why not? All those beets were awfully red! Oh well. It tasted good. And I ate all the extra beets. Yum! Now I know how to deal with beets. Don’t splash beet juice on the wall while you chop them.

Happy birthday, indeed!


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