I’m destined to live near doughnuts.

Not a bad thing, at all.

Very good doughnuts, especially the lemon cruller. I love crullers. And I’m literally like 3 buildings away. So lucky. In Michigan I lived next to the Washtenaw Dairy. Which also had amazing doughnuts, very unique to them. Small. Slightly crunchy. The maple ones were so good. And the crowd in the WD on an early weekday morning…wonderful. Lots of oldies drinking terrible coffee for $1 (+ free refills). Very nice.

Top Pot is a little savvier, with a younger clientele, on the whole, and therefore not quite as great as the WD. But still. Who can complain about living next to doughnuts?

The whole neighborhood is pretty fun, honestly. Between me and the doughnuts is this:


A bricked courtyard surrounded by 1920’s cabins. Unfortunately not for rent, or this would be our new home. Views of the water and cabins with whimsical, but restrained, painted fencing, overgrown by trees? Too good. I’m happy to live next door.

Farther down there’s a convenience store, less glamourous, but necessary. Also a pizza place that is always empty but has really good pizza, which we indulged in after a tough day of building ikea. Around the corner, a bar with a good sunset view and very serious Tuesday trivia. Soon G’s brother will live in the building next to ours, and he’ll have a deck, so maybe we can grill things. I don’t know what to grill when you’re vegetarian, but I’m sure there are options. Not shish kebobs. Or maybe vegetable shish kebobs? Whatever. I hate shish kebobs unless someone else de-skewers the bobs for me. Anyway, it’s a fun neighborhood, with lots of good possibilities and lots of nearby bus stops in case you want something different.

Oh! Also nearby (about 5 blocks away?) is our library!


Not a very good picture. It’s a nice branch. CLOSED right now though, blah.

There are other good things nearby too. A grocery store. Lots of places to eat Vietnamese pho, or Thai food. Used clothing stores. Unused clothing stores. Art supply stores. Parks. Movie theaters. Fancy bars. Casual bars. I think we picked a good spot.


2 thoughts on “I’m destined to live near doughnuts.

  1. hello!
    i do love the frequent posts now. and of course you would be by a doughnut place! looks lovely dear. can’t wait to see some shots of your place! i’ve been scouring craigslist of fresno abodes and the ones i inquire about have already been rented. hmm.
    tangent thought; i tried a new wine from tj’s. nero d’avola i think it is. very tasty red. won some sort of taste test. 5 dollars.
    back to life – i’m drinking coffee here at work (empty office) and am jealous of your blogging. makes me want to set one up and do some photo taking. and of course some good rambling. haha.
    better get back to things. miss and love!

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